Christie Wild 14:14 Picture Book Challenge

So you know I consider myself the “Challenge Queen”. This means I will jump on a challenge that involves picture books, reading, writing, sharing information, and analyzing. Since I do not have anyone to listen to me, these challenges allow me to write my thoughts and share them with others.

Christie Wild’s 14:14 Picture Book Challenge is reading 14 picture books in 14 days (14:14). Then analyze them using one of these:

Top 10 Story Elements for Picture Books
#3: PLOT

Each day, I will read a book and post the analysis here. I will link it back to her site. And check out the other sites of other writers who are participating in the challenge.

I should have posted this post before I began the challenge, but I didn’t. I actually started the challenge yesterday. I read and analyze MOSES: WHEN HARRIET TUBMAN LED HER PEOPLE TO FREEDOM, by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Phenomenal book!

In Moses, I analyzed ELEMENT#7 ~ WORDPLAY (Alliteration, Simile, and Onomatopoeia). Check it out by clicking the link above. So now I have nine more elements to explore 😀 I am so excited.


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