PiBoIdMo Inspirations

This is my tribute page to Picture Book Idea Month, the brain child of THE MONSTORE author, Tara Lazar.

For the month of November, I have committed to creating one picture book idea daily. For the mathletes, this mean everyday I will write down an idea for a picture book. Then I will aspire to turn these ideas into picture books in hopes that I will acquire a literary agent who will go to bat and help me achieve my dream of being a published author.


I am going on record stating that I created the hashtag, #YIWritePB, after registering for PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), the brain child of THE MONSTORE author Tara Lazarhttp://taralazar.com/.  PiBoIdMo is an event targeted towards picture book writers to commit to writing one picture book idea daily during the month of November. I registered because I love creating stories for children.  After joining the group of writers, I was so inspired.  Then someone posted a list of all the writers and their twitter addresses. I started following them on Twitter, but typing all the names was time-consuming so I said, “It has to be an easier way to find these people and click on their names.” That was the birth of a great idea.

I created the hashtag and attempted to encourage others to head to Twitter and tweet their answer. That way, I can click on their names and hit the follow button since it is now 525 authors signed up.  But of course, only three percent did it. So I hope they will still do it so me and other writers will have the opportunity to follow them and learn from them.


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