Nonfiction Picture Book: Your Outline, The Middle

Mentor Text in the Middle of the Book. This is interesting. 😀


Now let’s spend time discussing the middle of your manuscript.

We’re going to take a closer look at each of our 3 picture book samples and focus on their middles.

For your own current project, just concentrate on the picture book you’ve chosen to follow for your format. But listen in on the other 2 books, too, so you can use this info in a future potential picture book project.

The Camping Trip That Changed America (Slice of Life)
From page 7 to 13, they are getting ready to visit the forest
In other words, they are moving through the first half of the middle toward the second change that happens at the middle of the story.
Page 8 Roosevelt takes a train trip.
Page 10 The two men meet.
Pages 11-12 They ride off together on their horses.

Then on pages 14 and 15, there is the second change…

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