Nonfiction Picture Book: Your Outline, The End

Did you get a satisfying ending? Check out these books and look at the suggestions by Nancy I. Sanders over at blogzone.


Now let’s spend time discussing the ending of your manuscript.

We’re going to take a closer look at each of our 3 picture book samples and focus on their endings.

For your own current project, just concentrate on the picture book you’ve chosen to follow for your format. But listen in on the other 2 books, too, so you can use this info in a future potential picture book project.

The Camping Trip That Changed America (slice of life)
On pages 26-27, Roosevelt asks how he can help. That’s the third change that signifies the close of the middle part of the story. It’s time for the ending of the story.
Pages 29-29 both men imagine a future where everyone owns the wilderness in America.
Page 30 Roosevelt passed laws to save the wilderness and created national parks.
Page 31 Both men lie underneath trees and their spirit protects our…

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