Nonfiction Picture Book: Your Outline, The Beginning

I am on this one week journey. I am in the research phase and found this post helpful. Thanks, Nancy :D. I am reblogging for others who want to take this journey with me.


Now let’s spend time discussing the beginning of your manuscript.

We’re going to take a closer look at each of our 3 picture book samples and focus on their beginnings.

For your own current project, just concentrate on the picture book you’ve chosen to follow for your format. But read the information on the other 2 books, too, so you can use this info in a future potential picture book project. And if you have your own sample picture book that you’re following for the format, hopefully you can adapt this to your unique project!

The Camping Trip That Changed America (Slice of Life)
Page 3: An introduction/overview of the 2 main characters, how they were different and had one thing in common and that’s what changed America (strong tie in to the theme).
Page 4: Introduces Roosevelt’s boyhood and family and his main accomplishment as an adult
Page 5:…

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