Okay, so you know that within the last two months, I have taken three writing courses. This post is spotlighting NONFICTION ARCHAEOLOGY:DIGGING INTO NONFICTION.

This course is 4-weeks long. It is facilitated by Kristen McGill Fulton. The class is designed to write picture books with a specialization in writing nonfiction picture books. I loved this class. This class had all the information needed to create entertaining nonfiction books.

The class is delivered through webinars and daily emails (except for weekends :D). The good part of the course is you can depend on Kristen to answer your questions. She offers you her phone number so you may call her and asked questions.

And there is a support system of writers who are there to offer support, give feedback, and share their journey with you. Now, I am going to find a spot, and write this nonfiction picture book.

My advice, “If you want to be a writer, learn from the best who are at the height of their careers.” You go, Kristen 😀


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