With all the latest racists’ rants in the media, I find myself longing for an “UTOPIA”n society. A good place. A place where everyone respects each other. A place where everyone trades and barters services for the good of all. A place where each member of society contributes what they can and will not be shun for it. And a place where each and everyone is accepted no matter his or her flaws. But what I am wishing for does not exist. At least, not in America.

One of my favorite books is THE GIVER untitled, by Lois Lowry. (If you have not read it, you should.) The main character is 12-year-old Jonas who recieves the job he will hold for the rest of his life from the previous GIVER giver 1. As he learned about his new job, he questions his destiny and what his community offers. The book is a great book, but what I loved about the book is how these children are chosen for their jobs.

The Clive Bundy and Donald Sterlings of today are people. Even though we do not agree with their thoughts and beliefs, they are entitled to their opinion. We have to stop focusing on the negative people who drains us emotionally. We cannot allow others to steal our joy. Clive Bundy felt like I should have stayed a slave. (I would not have made it). That is why I went to college, got AS, BS, and MS degrees. And the truth is, I have come in contact with many people who made me feel like I was still a slave. I worked for school districts that treated their Caucasian and Black teachers differently. I have had conversation with people who were shocked to find out that I did not have a lot children and I have never been on welfare.

For me, it is not about race. It is about acceptance. I will not say anything to you, and please do not say anything to me. I just want to curl up on my sofa and read. I want to use a book to escape a hateful world. I want to turn those pages and visit the minds of my characters. I want to see what they see. Taste what they taste. Smell what they smell. Hear what they hear. And feel what they feel. For me, we can learn a lot from a book.

So while America is running around in chaos, I am creating my “UTOPIA”n society. My good place. My place free from hate, racism, and ignorant rants. I cannot allow others to define me. I have my issues, but Clive Bundy and Donald Sterling are not them. I am so sorry, we cannot live in an accepting world. But I am not hear to judge. I am here to read and relax in my “UTOPIA”n society. My happy place.


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