Looking back, I realized that I was exposed to ONOMATOPOEIA very early in life. The problem is, I did not realize that those sound words belong in a category with a long name attached.

I remember reading BATMAN comic books and seeing “WHACK”, “BAM”, and “POW” sprawled across the pages and knew what was happening in the picture. Batman kicked someone, images (91) Robin hit someone, images (94)And both of them punched, kicked, images (95)and “BAM” the bad guys.

These words all belong to the category ONOMATOPOEIA. They are sound words. There are a plethora of sound words but we are more accustomed to them in children’s book. But the most common sound words are animal noises – WOOF, MEOW, HISS, COO, CAW, TWEET and many more.

There are many sound words that are not animal related. In a current work-in-progress, I used an ONOMATOPOEIAic (This is not a word, but it should be!!!) sentence. I stated,

“The bullies must have heard Momma. Because as soon as she entered the room, the rattle-rattle-rattle and the thump-thump-thump stopped.”

Rattle and thump are ONOMATOPOEIA. These are sound words. Below, I will leave you with some sound words. There are more, but these will get you started. ONOMATOPOEIA images (92)


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  1. Since I would probably misspell your O word, I”ll just say that my kiddos Love, Love, Love ‘Sound’ words in storytelling 🙂 They nearly always try to mimic and that my friend is how those with delayed language skills make a turn around. Great post!

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