I remember growing up and watching images1JUZXSHC on Saturday mornings when they had a 30-minute commercial entitled imagesXYD14862. What I like about this was it was teaching us about things in our lives. The motto was, “The more you know, the better you grow.”

Well, let’s apply this to writing. That is why I am doing this A to Z Challenge. I want to share with you what I am learning about writing. There have been posts on Character, conflict, climax, juxtaposition, imagery, falling action, genres and Historical Fiction. These posts are there to instill KNOWLEDGE. The K that I will be discussing today. images (82)

If there is things you do not know, then seek knowledge. Go and find out about it. For instance, I was writing a picture book. I loved the story. When I sent it out to my critique group, they sent it back with this note attached. “THERE IS NO REVENGE IN PICTURE BOOKS.” I sent out a note to them saying, “IT SHOULD BE.”

If children are bullying then they should be aware that the bully can come back and get even and it might be worse. But of course, that did not fly. So I learned something. They shared their knowledge with me. Now I know, and now I will grow.images9M7MH4A8

What do you want to know? What are you finding taboo in your genre? Leave a comment. Have a great day until I post L

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