genre25 If you plan on making a living as a writer, it is important that you know 1) What you want to write. 2) For whom you would like to write. If you have the answers to these two questions, you are already on your way. Genre selection is important. If you do not know what you are writing then you cannot pitch it effectively to agents and publishers. For instance, you are stuck on an elevator at a conference with an agent. The agent noticed the manuscript in your hand.

He said, “So you’re a writer?”
“I am.”
“What do you write?”
“Well, it is a mix between fantasy, Sci-fi, and Dystopian.”
“Really? How did you come up with that?”
“It just is!”

I hate to tell you, you just lost an agent. Learn the definition of the different book genres. Do your research. genres 1

I write picture books and Middle Grade. I still know that many of my manuscripts fall in the historical fiction category. I love history. It intrigues me. But at times, you will find some other elements mixed in. Learn your genres. genres 4

Here is a list provided by the Guardian. A List A Book Genres

Fiction Genre List
•Action and Adventure,
•Chick Lit,
•Commercial Fiction,
•Family Saga,
•Dark Fantasy (probably still a major sub-genre!)
•Gay and Lesbian,
•General Fiction,
•Graphic Novels,
•Historical Fiction,
•Literary Fiction,
•Military and Espionage,
•Offbeat or Quirky,
•Picture Books,
•Religious and Inspirational,
•Science Fiction,
•Short Story Collections,
•Thrillers and Suspense,
•Women’s Fiction,
•Young Adult.


Non-Fiction Genre List
•Art & Photography,
•Biography & Memoirs,
•Business & Finance,
•Celebrity & Pop Culture,
•Music, Film & Entertainment,
•Cultural/Social Issues,
•Current Affairs & Politics,
•Food & Lifestyle,
•Gay & Lesbian,
•General Non-Fiction,
•History & Military,
•Home Decorating & Design,
•How To,
•Humour & Gift Books,
•Medical, Health & Fitness,
•Nature & Ecology,
•Relationship & Dating,
•Religion & Spirituality,
•Science & Technology,
•True Adventure & True Crime,
•Women’s Issues.

genres 5


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