falling action What is it? FALLING ACTION is the part in the book or story where the problem or conflict is solved.

So say for instance, you’re writing a book or a story. You start off by introducing the character, setting, and conflict. This is the “exposition” part of the book. fall It is the background information you use to set up your story. After you do that very cleverly I might add, you embark on the “rising action”. Think of this as you are climbing a hill. The exposition is the foot of the hill. That is where you start. You are telling us why you are climbing that hill. You are telling us who you are and the motivation for this climb. You painted a scene of the setting – where the hill is located.

falling aNow we are at the “rising action”. This is the route to the main problem or conflict. You are building us up for the most important point -THE CLIMAX. The rising action is important. This is where I learn what happens…the events leading to what happen…and why the character chooses this route.

So now, go find a quiet area and create an exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action. Remember, you can not get to the falling action without exposition, rising action, and climax. quote


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