So what is it? What does exposition means. EXPOSITION is the beginning of the story. This includes the character and the setting. Think along the line of what you are exposing to the reader. Introduce the character, more likely the protagonists. aa books

For instance: Gisella Gibbons grabbed her gym shoes, gum, and Geometry book and sprinted to the bus stop. The chilly morning air brushed against her cheek. “It’s supposed to be spring,” she muttered. “So why is it still cold?”
She clutched her math book, tied her scarf, and climb on the bus. “I am so ready for this test.” new york

Here we know who the character is. We have a feeling what is going on. She grabbed gym shoes, she sprinted to the bus. So we know she is a runner. We know she is taking a test today. More likely, it is a Geometry test since she grabbed the Geometry book, clutched it, and stated that she was ready for the test. We have a feeling for the setting. We know the weather is not pleasing. It should be spring, but the air is still cold. She tied on a scarf. She sprinted to the bus, problably to hurry and get out of the cold air. new

We exposed our reader to the character and gave them a feel of the setting. Tell us about the setting. Use descriptive language. Let us close our eyes and see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, and hear the setting. If I am in New York, I might:love

See a busy Time Square – tourist with sandals and white socks trudging through the streets. They click-click-clicked their camera snapping pictures. The smell of hotdog drifting through the air reminding me that I skipped breakfast. I pushed my hands in my pocket to escape the chilly morning air. A sign that Spring is late, again. The honking of impatient drivers creating a not-so-musical symphony. And with all these things going on is a constant reminder why New York is my favorite city. new

Now, you go ahead and write a 250-word firt page or exposition. Give us a sense of the character. What does the character want. How can you introduce the character in a page-turning way?


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