Nonfiction Picture Book: Writer’s Mini-Retreat Week 2

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My writing friends and I met again yesterday for our special writer’s mini-retreat to work on our nonfiction picture books. It was just fun to see their smiling faces and share their excitement and talk shop about the working of creating our picture books.

Two of the gals are working together and they decided to switch gears and write a fiction picture book with lots of nonfiction in it. The other gal and I are still on course with straight nonfiction. One of the things you may discover as you’re researching and starting to write the actual manuscript is that it demands to switch from pure nonfiction to historic fiction or fiction with a huge dose of nonfiction. That’s okay! There’s a great market for picture books with informative text these days whichever angle you opt to take.

Here’s what we really did in real time to really roll up…

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