Nonfiction Picture Book: The Pace

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As we’ve been working on our nonfiction picture book manuscripts, we’ve now entered the writing stage. I’ve been going at a very slow pace, explaining each step of the process from ordering in our research books to brainstorming working titles to creating plot charts and outlines.

As I’ve mentioned before, three months is a nice time-frame to work on if you want to write a nonfiction picture book that is publishable in today’s market.

However, many times it’s unrealistic to expect to have three months to write a nonfiction picture book. For example, when I signed the contract to write four nonfiction picture books for Children’s Press, I had three months in which to write all four books! And some of the topics were topics I had not ever researched. Basically, I had three weeks to research and write and submit each one.

That was several years ago. Another example…

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