A IS FOR APRIL, ATTENDANCE, AND ACADEMICS. Today is the first day of the A TO Z Challenge. And for those of you who follow this blog knows that I am the self-appointed “Challenge Queen.” Yes, I am wearing that crown proudly. I enter reading and writing challenges.

If you want to know about the challenge you can read about it here. I decided that my challenge will do with the art of writing. April is a busy month for me. I signed up for writing classes. (This is the the “Academics” and “Attendance” I referred to in my title.) I am honing my craft and learning from the best.

3661060_origLast month, I enrolled in NONFICTION ARCHAEOLOGY with the amazing Kristen Fulton. By the way, if you have never heard of her, you should. This woman is amazing and an awesome writer, teacher and Breast Cancer survivor. I learned so much in that class and cannot wait to clean up my manuscript.

Also, Kristen starts a group of Middle Grade Anthropology. Starting today, we commit to writing a chapter a week for our Middle Grade novel. I signed up because I have been dabbling in middle grade writing. I have a completed chapter book after doing the chapter book challenge. So I will revise, rework, and rewrite using Kristen’s group.

BADGEThis month, I enrolled in RhyPiBoMo (RHYming PIcture BOok MOnth). I am still learning what that entails. All I know is, by the end of the month I SHOULD be able to write a picture book from beginning to end in rhyme. Wish me luck, I need it. I love rhyming picture books. Especially if they are written by Verla Kay or Linda Ashman. I love history and when I taught, I used Verla Kay’s book to teach 7th graders about the railroad. I call her a “Rhymologist”. (I know it is not a real word, but it should be.)I am a fan.



MAKING PICTURE BOOK MAGICI also signed up for Susanna Leonard Hill: MAKING PICTURE BOOK MAGIC. This courses teaches you how to write a picture book. I was referred to this course by Pamela Courtney. I entered Susanna’s Halloween Contest and received a honorable mention for my entry, A DISAPPEARING ACT. It was my first day embarking on the writing journey. And to compete with so many fabulous writers who have been inthe game for a while was confirmation that I had what it took to be a writer. I have read Susanna’s books and I love her style. Hopefully, when she is done with me, I will have a complete make-over and the world will love my writing style.

MiraI am also enrolled in Mira Reisberg’s Picture Book Academy : THE CHAPTER BOOK ALCHEMIST When I am done with this 5-week course, I will be able to write chapter books. It is also facilitated by Hillary Homzie. Now, I am a huge fan of THE HOT LIST and THINGS ARE GONNA GET UGLY. I also found out that Hillary wrote chapter books, but I have not read any. So I will be checking them out this weekend.

In conclusion, April is a busy month for me. It is the start on my journey to being a published author. I am going to school. I am learning how to write. I am practicing my craft as I create books for all children. Now that I am back to attending “school”, it is time to finish this blog and go and do homework. Check back tomorrow to find out about B



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