2014-reading-challenge (3)

untitled (88)TITLE: TWO MRS. GIBSONS
AUTHOR: Toyomi Igus
Publisher: Children’s Book Press
Year: 1996
Word Count: 687
Category: Fiction

Summary: The biracial child fondly recalls growing up with her mother and her father’s mother, two very different women.

Latin@s In Kidlit Challenge

imagesG5GXOIHW This is why I do this challenge monthly. Without this challenge, I would not have known that this book exists.

images (74)TWO MRS. GIBSONS is about a little girl comparing one Mrs. Gibson (her mother) to another Mrs. Gibson (her grandmother).

What I love about this book is the true representation of diversity and what it means to be the product of mixed heritage. In the book, the main character spends time with both sides of the family. She compares her mother to her grandmother noting their likeness and differences. images (72)

It is rich with cultural history and is perfect for history lessons in school. The illustrations are amazing. The rich vibrant colors dance on the pages. The mention of the foods and the art will be of interest to all students. This is a great book. I am glad I found it.imagesBO8Y67PI


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