March Madness Poetry 2014 (#MMPOETRY 2014)

MMPoetry2014_logo_full (2) I am back!!! And I am doing another challenge. This one is tied to poetry.

It is the March Madness Poetry Competition 2014. Here are the details.

“How does #MMPoetry work, exactly?

The tournament is organized into four separate brackets of 16 poets (also known as “authletes”). In the NCAA tournament, teams are seeded based on their performance over the season. In this tournament, however, seeds have nothing to do with an authlete’s credentials — instead, seeds reflect the difficulty of writing kid-appropriate poems using certain words. Seemingly impossible-to-use words like “bifurcate”, “meretricious”, and “denuded” are given poor seeds, while more intuitive words like “decent”, “awry”, and “topical” are given very good seeds.

In each round, two words of opposing difficulty face each other in a prompted poem pairing (e.g., 14-denuded vs. 3-topical). But that’s only half of the madness — the other half? Poets are only given 36 hours to compose their poems! Fans then vote for their favorites, and winners move on to write again the next day! (LITERALLY: THE NEXT DAY.)

64 authletes become 32, then 16, then eight, then four, then two, and then ultimately one is crowned the March Madness Poetry Champion. He/she is awarded one year possession of The Thinkier trophy, named after #MMPoetry2012 authlete Allan Wolf’s uncannily creative use of the 15-seed word “kinkier” in his first round poem that year.

In 2014, we’re bringing the event even closer to kids and schools. Teachers, librarians, and home school families can now serve as official voting classrooms and earn a chance to win the ultimate poetry grand prize: a bookshelf of 50 (FIFTY!) new kids’ poetry books for their class! (Shelf not included.)

#MMPoetry 2014 kicks off with the unveiling of this year’s bracket on Selection Sunday — March 2, 2014.

The first words will be assigned on Monday, March 17th, and the first poems will be up for vote on Wednesday afternoon, March 19th.”

I am in the group with Jane Yolen. I am so stoke. I am going up against a poet, Chief Poet, Mother Streusel. I am looking forward to this challenge. As you know, I love a good challenge. Wish me luck.


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