14:14 Picture Book Challenge Christie Wright Wild


Author/Illustrator: GREG FOLEY
Publisher: VIKING
Word Count: 170-words
Type: Fiction

Summary: When Bear’s friend Mouse tells him that finding a four-leaf clover means one is lucky, the little bear searches for one, despite the discouraging words of other animals.

This is a follow-up to THANK YOU, BEAR which I analyzed yesterday. I will analyze Element #10 ~ Beginning and Endings, Element #4 ~ Dialogue.

It started:
“One day while lying in the grass,
a little bear found a clover with three tiny leaves.”

After bear showed it to mouse, Mouse said, “If you find one with four leaves, it means you are lucky.”

As bear continued his search, he met the other characters along the way, and they all had something to say.
Monkey said, “There’s no such thing.”
Turtle said, “That’s going to take forever.”
Elephant said, “I remember seeing one, but I forgot where.”

He met more and more animals along the way. Some asked questions. Some made statements. And some grabbed the three-leaf clover and scurried away.

Bear did not find the four leaf clover and felt unlucky, until Mouse found a five-leaf clover and gave it to him.

That led to the ending of the book. Mouse went over to look for the four-leaf clover. “Does it have four leaves?” asked Bear.
“No,” said Mouse. “It has five.”

I like this book. It is very short, but the conflict and plot is evident. Great for read aloud. 😀



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