Boxers and SaintsThe first line read: “Spring is my favorite time of year. Almost every other week there is a fair of some sort. I spend all of them in front of a stage watching the operas.”

Author: Yang, Gene Luen
Language: English
Interest Level: Middle Grades Plus
Type: Fiction
Book Level: 2.9
Word Count: 12560

Let me start out by saying, “THIS BOOK IS UNIQUE, BUT FUN!!!” It is written as a graphic novel. The illustrations are vibrant, colorful, and captivating. I read this is less than a day. It was hard to put down. This is great.

The story is: In 1898, missionaries and soldiers (Foreign devils) from other countries came to China. They flaunt their powers by bullying and robbing the Chinese peasants. A little boy named Bao, was tired of watching what was happenening. In his attempt to do something about it, he recruits an army of “Boxers.” The Boxers were common people who were trained in kung-fu. Their Army fought to free China from the “devils” that haunted them.

This was a great read. It enjoyed it. This book will appeal to all children especially boys. Definitely a great piece. I learned something about China. The resilience of a nation and the community of its members will allow it to prosper. I recommend this book.

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