What Are You Writing? Picture Book or Magazine Article

Okay, I know I have been away for a while. I am not neglecting the blog. I was busy with many things – the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years), Highlights Fiction Contest 2014, Start the Year Off Write, and ReviMo. So you can see how busy I’ve been!

As I worked on my Highlights contest, I realized that writing picture books and writing magazine articles are different. They do have a similarities, but they have differences as well.  Let’s look at them.

PB and Magazine both require:
A fabulous Idea (bonus if it triggers an emotion)
Try to limit your characters to three
Point of View (Third person is best. First person can work)
A definite problem
A beginning, middle, and end.

Picture book Word count 500-600 is best, but can go up to 1000.
Magazine word count is 800 words or less.

While writing my magazine story, I found I was allowed to give more description. I was allowed to expand on my back story. And I was allowed to use more dialogue.

In picture books, word count is low. Therefore, active verbs and word usage is critical. Each sentence should be a scene. A picture. A photograph. An illustrator should read your words and an image pops in his head.

Now, get out your manuscripts – PB or magazine – and read them again. Analyze it. Then ask yourself this question : What am I writing? Picture books or Magazine Articles.


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