HAPPY NEW YEAR : GOODBYE 2013, 2014 Here to Stay

Happy New Year


Well, I woke up this morning to a beautiful day

2013 is gone, and 2014 is here to stay

Time to make new wishes, ’cause that’s what they are

The word “resolution” is outdated by far


It’s outdated to me ’cause we seldom follow through

Pledging to eat healthy, lose weight, just to name a few

But what makes “resolution” the word not to use

‘Cause it means “perseverance” and quitting is what we choose


January and February our resolution is kick in gear

March, April, May quitting is getting near

June comes around, no more gym to see

July, it’s official, resolution is decease


But what if we approach

the new year differently

Instead of “resolution”,

“New Years Wish” is the key

We can wish to be thinner,

healthier, and mature

Wish to get out of debt,

and be financially secure


‘Cause if we make a wish

 We hope it will come true

But in case it doesn’t happen

 Our self-esteem we wouldn’t lose

And then we won’t feel like a failure,

When our attempts didn’t succeed

So death to you “resolution”

“New Years Wish” is what we need


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