The Market and the Audience for PB Are Not the Same.

When we write picture books we are writing to a target audience – children. However, last time I checked children do not have jobs. Therefore, children do not have money. So children do not buy books.

The market is the hardworking adults or children who save their allowances to purchase books. The audience is the children who will enjoy the words as it rumba, salsa, and cabriole off the pages.  So with this in mind you have to take the good and the bad. Ask yourself the question, “Who am I writing for?” After you answer this question;  write and use the words that children want to know, see, and comprehend.

Keep in mind parents monitor how they spend their money and on what they are buying. Because of this development, your story needs to appeal to adults (parents, teachers, librarians, grandparents, relatives, etc.) and children.

KEEP IN MIND WHEN WRITING PICTURE BOOKS: It should have a relatable theme – the universal idea or message depicted in the story.


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