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OKAY, OKAY, OKAY! Here it is!!!

I just completed 946-words towards my @NaNoWriMo goal of 1667. Thanks to #WriteClub and @FriNightWrites who is having a 48-hour marathon to kick of NaNoWriMo.

I will be taking a break now. I am going to fix me a BLT-bacon, lettuce, tomato – sandwich, then lay down and watch @KerryWashington  in (@ScandalABC) #Scandal on @Hulu because I am a #Gladiator and that’s what #Gladiators do.

Then, I will start writing again this afternoon. Shout out to all the picture book writers and participants at PiBoIdMo. Write down all those ideas even the ones that don’t seem like an idea. Who knows?  Those are the ones that may spark the best ideas.

And to my NaNoWriMo novelist, you can do it. Head over to @Twitter and join @FriNightWrites and use #WriteClub to get support and tweet those word counts. Good luck!


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