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Author: Lane Smith

Word Count: 807 words

Summary: This book is about the presidents, but with THE BEATLES feel.   According to Pam Calvert @ Picture Book University, this would be “teaching nonfiction through a fictional story.”  So it is indeed fiction.

Personal Thought: I enjoyed reading this book.  It was quirky, beautiful illustrations, and the “true/False” section in the back was genius.

How to Use This Book in the Classroom?

This would be ideal for History/Social Studies/English/Music/Math.  All these subjects can be integrated.  It is about the founding fathers so the link to history is clear. However, music might not be obvious.  But the Beatles connection is GENIUS (You have to sing the word ‘Genius” in your Oprah voice for the effect of excitement). When one reads about history, one should be writing about history.  The dates can be implemented in math all kinds of ways. This book is cross-curriculum. Great Read!!


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