Author: Barbara Bottner and illustrated by Michael Emberley

Word Count:  486-words

Summary:  A first-grader who doesn’t like to read despite the efforts of Miss Brooks, the school librarian, until one day she finds a book she likes. This book has great illustrations – quirky, fun, and colorful.

MORAL: there is a book out there for everyone.

Personal Recommendation:

How to Use This Book in the Classroom: 

I recommend this book to all grade levels and integrated  across the curriculum for the theme – Reading can be fun.  The illustrations can spark story time for students in Elementary schools. They can tell us what is happening in the story without the use of the text. This is a quick way to assess comprehension.

Middle and High school : Teachers should use this as a read aloud when they are assigning book reports or research projects. Break the tension by letting the students know the importance of picking the right research or book. It should be enjoyable. It is okay if that student does not like to read. It means he or she has not found the right book to cater to his/her reading needs.

Ms. Brooks - the librarian untitled (7) untitled (8) untitled (9) images (5) images (6)


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