2 Women, 1 Child, Zero Regrets (A Story of Adoption)

2 WOMEN, 1 CHILD, NO REGRET (A Story of Adoption)


Two different women

Separated in this world

One wishing she could get pregnant

The other gave birth to a girl


One has a lot to give

The other is poor and scared

One desperately wants to be a mom

The other is lost in fear


One decide to adopt

The other will give up her seed

One wants a little girl

The other just wants to be free


Two different women

Both have a decision to make

Knowing that it will change their lives

Or forever just let their hearts ache


Two different women

Both have something to gain

One would gain motherhood

The other a lifetime of pain


One made a decision

To make her child’s life great

The other made a vow

That any child she’d appreciate


And so the exchange were made

The child now has a new mom

The old mom cried

As her young daughter leaves home


The daughter grew up

Happy and serene

But one thing was missing from her life

Is knowing her biological gene


She knew the woman

Who taught her how to live

But who was the woman

She would eventually have to forgive


Who was the woman

Who brought her in this world

The woman who planted perseverance

In the heart of a little girl


Who was the woman

Who never nursed her back to health

The woman who traded her happiness

So her daughter could live in wealth


I know she had to be aching

To let her little girl go

But I can’t imagine living without my mom

The one who loves me so


Now, who would have the right of claim

If she ever wanted me back

Would I have to go to someone I don’t know

Or stay with my family intact


I want to say “thank you”

To the woman who created me

Thank you for letting me leave

To find a family who loves me for me


I want to say “thank you”

To the woman who offered me a home

The one who didn’t care

Whether I was a product of her chromosome


So I am thanking two strong women

To whom I will forever be in debt

Whose decision has inspired this poem

Two women, one child, no regret!





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